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Compact Tractors

Take on everything from light construction or nursery work to projects around the house and farm with our compact tractors. With powerful new models and a host of performance-enhancing upgrades, the B, LX and L Series promise increased efficiency, power and comfort – and deliver.

B01 Series

20.9 - 24.3 HP. Bring simplicity and versatility to even the toughest jobs.

LX Series

The all new LX Series. 24.8 - 30.8 HP.

Standard L01

24.1 - 47.3 HP. Our top selling series.

GRAND L60 Limited Edition

An affordable 37.0 HP cab tractor packed with deluxe features.

Grand L60

37.0 - 62.0 HP. If you have grand expectations for your property, choose the Grand L60.

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